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Aecio Sarti

Born in Brazil, Aecio Sarti graduated from Colorado Institute of Arts (USA). His paintings show the beauty of human essence, from smooth detailed and colorful works to strong stroked and monocromatic ones. Aecio's work has no connection neither to trends nor to art market demands, it just exist to become his life meaningful.

His paintings present mostly stories he had lived, heard or just dreamed about. Also, there are those which are a result of constant searches of new techniques, new materials and new alternatives of self-expression.  

Aecio started painting and selling his work at the age of 14, having the same artistic intensity of today. He is an artist who was born artist and has spent his whole life painting representation of people. By analysing Aecio's different stages of painting is possible to better understand his current work, full of slim line figures with no use of perspective.

His creations exists mainly as a personal shelter but had attracted attention all over the world. His art has been widely exhibited and belongs to private collections in more than 50 countries in every continent.



Aecio's birth in Aracajú, Brazil


From the age of 14 Aecio already exhibits and sells his pieces in the streets and fairs of the city. At the age of 16 he attends to his first painting classes. In 1978 moves to United States in order to study art at the Colorado Institute of Artsm in Denver.


Aecio moves back to Brazil and quit painting due to a severe depression.



Back to painting in 2002 as his only professional activity. In 2003 traveled to Spain for a tour with five ehxibitions.

In 2004 his painting "Courtin Dress" is awarded at the Integration Art Show (Miami). In the same year he moves to Paraty, the place of his dreams.

In 2005 opens a studio at the charming historic center of Paraty. He used to paint with open doors, contributing for the increasing of his popularity.

In 2014 he moves to a small fishing village, opening his second studio from where most of his work is currently produced.

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