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>> Click on the video to watch the full documentary (English subtitles)

"Heaven of Cherubs" is the name of the short documentary directed by Gustavo Massola and screened at film festivals in many countries. 

The film tells the story of the biggest painting of Aecio Sarti and its journey around Brazil. The artist painted a “Heaven of Cherubs” over an entire piece of truck cover (12x8m). Dozens of cherubs represented the protection of the truck through the Brazilian roads.

The painted tarp covered a load of ceramic pots, which were transported by a truck driver and his two assistants who regularly carry these recipients from the northeast to the southeast of Brazil. The pots are produced by women from a small community in the drylands of Bahia region, in order to be used for water storage in other poor Brazilian regions. The truck drivers’ business is about giving the new pots in exchange for the old ones which then are sold as decoration in richer cities. 

The story of the film has also resulted in exhibitions at some museums and soon it will be released a book about the whole project.


- Besto Short Documentary  -  Santa Monica Independent Film Festival (USA - 2014)

- Best Film - Poços de Caldas Film Festival (Brazil – 2015)

- Best Screenplay - Poços de Caldas Film Festival (Brazil – 2015)

- Best Direction - Poços de Caldas Film Festival (Brazil-2015)

- Best Film / popular vote - Poços de Caldas Film Festival (Brazil - 2015)

- Gold Award - International Movie Awards (Indonesia - 2015)

- Award of Excelence - The IndieFest Film Awards (USA - 2014)

- Award of Merit - Best Shorts Competition (USA - 2014)

Film Festivals (Screening):

- International Film Festival of Paraty  (Brazil - 2014)

- Santa Monica Independent Film Festival (USA - 2014)

- AMFM Fest  (USA - 2014)

- Bolgatty International Film Festival (India - 2014)

- Beginning Film Festival St. Petesburg  (Russia - 2014)

- Las Vegas Latino & International Film Festival  (USA - 2015)

- Poços de Caldas Film Festival (Brazil - 2015)

- Porto Alegre Independent Film Festival (Brazil - 2015)

- Cine Petiso Short Film Festival (Argentina – 2015)

- Cinescultura (Germany -2016)

- MIS Campinas (Brazil - 2017)

- Brazilian Film Fest (Kenya - 2021)

- Lusophone Film Fest Khartoum (Sudan - 2021)

Screening on TV:

- CHTV | Switzerland  (Screening on September 10th 2015)

- Canal 180 | Portugal  (Screening on November 07th 2015) 

More screenings:

- Biennial of Portuguese Speaking Cultures (Portugal - 2015)

- Museum of Contemporary Art of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil - 2016)

- Museum of Image & Sound (Brazil - 2017)

- Forum of psychoanalysis and art - PUC RJ (Brazil - 2017)

- Creative Week of Tiradentes (Brazil - 2017)

- International Festival of Photography - Paraty (Brazil - 2018) 




"Heaven of Cherubs" is also the name of the exhibitions that take the project to the museums and other cultural centers n Brazil. Click here to see what have been done so far.


>> Photos of the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Mato Grosso do Sul and Museum of Contemporary Art of Sorocaba.

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